You don’t have to struggle to find or implement security training.

In addition to educating developers about the importance of secure coding, our gamified online platform provides them with the foundational knowledge required to code securely. We also keep the entire team in mind by providing content for anyone involved in product development and delivery. We even have awareness options for the non-technical crew. Because building a culture of security starts with the developers and permeates the whole organization.

Simple Implementation
Results Delivered Quickly
Developed by Developers

The mark of mastery and the color of change.

The Security Belt Program Framework enhance organizational security knowledge and positively impact a culture change. Designed to empower development teams to deliver security in everything they do, our multi-level belt program has modules for all levels of technical know-how.

White Belt

Foundational vocabulary and core concepts

Yellow Belt

Principles, attacks, tools, and processes

Green Belt

Language specific hands-on training

Brown & Black Belts

Security activities to promote organization security culture

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We speak your language…or languages.

No matter your software pipeline, we help you to keep it secure. Our constantly growing catalog of lessons includes today's most relevant code languages and technologies.

Learning never feels like work when you’re having fun.

Through challenges and competitions, Security Journey helps you progress through a map-oriented quest to gain higher level belts and achievements. Users control their own journey as they increase their security knowledge.

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You shouldn’t need training to start your training.

Security Journey is designed to fit companies of all sizes and organizational structures. That’s why we’ve designed the program to require little administrative oversight once it’s up and running.

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Real-life development isn't multiple choice.

The world of development is always expanding with new tools, but one thing your developers will never encounter is a multiple-choice question as they code. We combine fundamental security knowledge with hands-on experimentation and a conversational approach to teach secure coding from the ground up.

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