With applications moving to the cloud at a higher rate than ever before, scrutiny is being placed on security across the entire stack. For developers, securely coding in cloud services like AWS means gaining insight into best practices, strategies, and tools necessary for securing AWS-hosted cloud infrastructure. The lessons cover the Five Cloud Security Disciplines, Secure Access Control, S3 Hardening and so much more!

9 modules | 1hr 52 min | Green Belt Level
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Example AWS & Cloud Security Concepts

  • Five cloud security disciplines
  • Top ten AWS security actions
  • Identity and Access Management in depth
  • Securing S3 buckets
  • EC2 Instance protection
  • Centralized and structured logging
  • Secrets Management
  • Automation and security tools

What's Included?

We created this Green Belt path for developers coding in the AWS and the cloud. It includes 12 Secure Coding with Ruby Modules. Each of our lessons are short and conclude with a brief ten question assessment. The learning module length is purposeful – they are perfect for filling gaps in a developer’s day while code is deploying.

Secure Development Core Lesson Modules
Intro to Secure Development
Intro to Secure Coding
Secure Coding Best Practices: Part 1
Secure Coding Best Practices: Part 2
Language Typing
Securing the Development Environment
Protecting your Code Repository
Producing a Clean, Maintainable, & Secure Code Culture
Secure the Release
Designing a Secure App or Product
Thinking Like A Penetration Tester
Secure Design Principles in Action: Part 1
Secure Design Principles in Action: Part 2
Green Belt Path
Introduction to AWS Security
AWS Five Cloud Security Disciplines​
AWS Top Ten
AWS Secure Access Control​
AWS S3 Hardening
AWS EC2 Hardening
AWS Centralized Logging​
AWS Secrets Management​
AWS Security Tools