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Journey Vulnerable Code (JVC)

Remediate. Fix. Secure.

Find, fix, and secure code to remediate real vulnerabilities. These vulnerable code experiments provide short, real-world code snippets that augment our video-based lessons, reinforcing a learned concept by putting hands to keyboard to fix a short piece of code with a vulnerability or deficiency.​

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Find it. Fix it. Secure It.

Designed to promote knowledge retention and user experience, we've thought of everything. Our browser-based interactive development environment (IDE) is familiar to devs and offers a customizable interface. Hints are provided, steadily increasing the information provided to the developer, ensuring that developers do not spend all day long solving a single challenge.Plus, all experiment solutions are compiled in backend containers to determine if they are correct or if a retry is needed.

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Our Comprehensive Approach
to Security Culture Change

  • Keep It Real

    Solve real-world problems with real-code that runs in real-time.

  • Focused Learning

    Reinforce concepts learned in belt path with a growing catalog of language and technology specific experiments throughout the platform.

  • Hands-On Experience

    Experiments are applicable reinforcement of the knowledge from the lessons.

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