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Journey Vulnerable App (JVA)

Exploit. Hack. Play.

Designed to teach developers security best practices through hacking, and exploiting vulnerabilities in a safe environment while gaining insight into the impact of vulnerable code. This tool expands learning opportunities to help devs better identify security risks in their applications.

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Experience Security Vulnerabilities

Developers deliver more secure code when they understand how to exploit it. This live application uses a log that's fed by a RASP agent to unveil how the attack played out. Learners visually engage the vulnerable attack surface within the application to see the attack input.

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Our Comprehensive Approach
to Security Culture Change

  • Reinforce your knowledge

    Apply your knowledge acquired through the modules.

  • Prevent vulnerabilities before they occur

    Put on your hacker hat and rethink your code.

  • Real code scenario

    Topics include XSS, SQL Injection, and OWASP Top 10 for 2021.

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